Teacher Bio – Hannah Whittingham

Teacher Bio - Hannah Whittingham

Hannah put on her ballet shoes at the age of two, and has since dedicated her life to collecting professions. After a spell in the Royal Ballet, she studied at Cambridge University, before training at the Royal Academy of Music and taking to the stage in the West End.

Yoga, however, has been Hannah’s biggest revelation. Initially drawn to its physical benefits, she soon realised the remarkable transformation it could have on her overactive ping-pong ball of a mind. After years of steady practice, she trained in traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa, Rocket, Tripsi-Rocket and Yin, all with her teachers Jamie and Dulce (The Yoga People), who she now assists regularly on teacher trainings, and for whom she will always be thankful.

At the heart of her practice is strong, steady breath, and the search for stillness in the most dynamic of practice. Yoga is slowly teaching her forgiveness, of herself as much as others, and she tries to inspire this in other people.

Hannah extends huge gratitude to all her teachers – to warrior Jamie and earth-mother Dulce, but also to Marcus Veda, for introducing a bendy ballerina to the strength of The Rocket and remaining a constant challenge, to Lolo Lam, Erin Prichard and Amanda Denton for their intense feminine strength and inspiration, and to The Dude, Stewart Gilchrist for kicking her asanas, and for reminding her daily that yoga can change the world.