Teacher Bio – Amelia Parsons

Teacher Bio - Amelia Parsons

I fell in love with yoga at the first class I went to six years ago and have
been practicing ever since. I love the feeling of connection and balance
that yoga brings to mind, body and spirit. Wherever I travel to, it is being
on the yoga mat that feels like arriving home.

My classes fuse mindful movement with the breath to inspire a sense of
grounding and wellbeing. I trained in Anusara with Suzanne Faith and I have
developed a strong focus on alignment to build strength and expansion in

My mantra is “practice practice practice”! Like many things in life my yoga
practice is an evolution and I am constantly learning – from others and
about myself. I embrace the ebbs and flows with an open mind and an open
heart. I encourage students to connect to feeling and breath in order to go
deeper into their own practice.