Start your day with an early morning yoga classes @ Barbican Yoga Cave

Whether you are a morning person or not, there most probably was a day in your life when you did some sort of exercise during early hours and then felt great for the rest of the day. If not then we definitely recommend trying as soon as possible. But if you did – once, twice, or if you loved it and now exercise early on the regular basis – you would be interested to understand why it feels so good. Let us share our thoughts on why doing morning trainings, particularly practicing yoga at the start of the day is so beneficial for you mood, health and overall your well-being.

  1. You start your day with an intention

You start your day with an intention

At the beginning of every yoga class the teacher will ask you to set an intention for the practice, which, if set in the morning, can become your intention for the rest of the day. Every new day is a practice of living life, the same way as every new class is a practice of yoga. Living your days intentionally with accelerate your personal growth and add meaning and purpose to what may otherwise feel like a routine. Be kind to yourself, perform your best, stay connected and present, pay attention to how you are feeling, be patient when it gets challenging – say it to yourself in the morning with the start of your yoga class and this will forever change the way you approach your day-to-day living.

  1. You feel awaken.

You feel awaken.

We tend to wash our face, take shower, drink coffee and eat breakfast in the morning believing that those things wake us up. But the reality is: they only partially wake up our mind and body. When you give a little physical training to every muscle of your body, a little conscious attention to every part of it, a little time for your mind to find space for connection and presence – so much more of your potential gets unlocked and ready to thrive. Try adding yoga practice to your morning routine and you will notice how much thrill is covered in life when your senses are truly awaken.

  1. You get up for an exciting reason.

You get up for an exciting reason.

95% of working-full-time people in London wake up around 7-8 am to take a quick shower, put some clothes on, may be have a quick breakfast at home, may be on the way to the office and start their day thinking about today’s to-do-list in the loaded with people bus, crowded tube station or in the car at the next red light. And around 5% of people start their day with greeting the sun, taking care of their mind and body, giving themselves and people around a little bit of love, awaken their senses with yoga, meditation or another type of spiritual practice. Which people live richer life and feel better throughout the day? Try both and then choose.

  1. Your body is grateful.

Scientists proved that doing yoga practice in the morning not only allows your mind to feel better, but also massively benefits your health. It helps to release those unwanted layers of connective tissue and bodily fluid build between muscles when they are not moving, enhances the flow of circulation in the body and give the immune system an immediate boost, increases metabolism and therefore makes the digestive system work better. The list can go on. Do you respect your beautiful body enough to believe that it deserves such treatment at least once a week?

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