Why regularly performing Adhomukhaśvānāsan is good for your body?

Why regularly performing Adhomukhaśvānāsan is good for your body

Yoga is a lifelong practice of making ourselves better humans because only by regularly practicing yoga we can gain the power of mind over body. In Yoga there are several asanas or poses and each of these poses have a meaning and the power to guide energy through our body making us strong and yet we maintain balance of our emotions. That is why, to achieve the balance between physical and mental many who practices yoga ‘Adhomukhaśvānāsan’ which in English term called Downward Facing Dog pose. It is ironic that we have seen this pose several times in our lives and yet most of us do not know the importance or the value of this particular asana.

Dogs have been our companion for thousands of years and also yoga is a very old and there is no way to carbon date this art but our ancestors noticed that our canine friends were on to something. The downward facing dog pose can benefit dogs and humans alike. We have many yoga classes available at all of our locations. View our current class schedule per location here.

The Downward Facing Dog Pose:

The name of this pose is derived from the ancient Sanskrit words Adhas meaning ‘down’, Mukha meaning ‘face’, Śvāna  meaning ‘dog’, and Āsana  meaning ‘posture’. The Adhomukhaśvānāsan was inspired by a dog looks when it bends forward. This asana has several benefits which make our body strong with better blood circulation and this particular pose can be performed even by a beginner with great ease.

Health Benefits of AdhoMukhaŚvānāsan:

  1. This pose makes our drives our body in the reverse action of gravity and get the blood and lymph flowing in opposite directions.
  2. With regular practice your body will become more nimble and it makes your neck strong, if you suddenly turn your head sideways you will not feel any pain like many of you do because the neck can easily become very stiff.
  3. Increase in blood flow to the top of the body and shoulders help improve brain function and cognition.
  4. It is perfect way to reduce anxiety and depression and if performed in the morning it will add that extra spring to your step.
  5. Takes pressure off the heart.
  6. This is a body Strengthening exercise and it leads to a more toned arms and legs.
  7. It has been observed that the nature of this posture gives more strength to our arms and legs and at the same time strengthen the bones which is always helpful in preventing osteoporosis.
  8. Lengthens and straightens the spine which these days is the number one cause of concern for everyone. This way even if you work all day sitting in a chair you will still be flexible there will be no pain in the upper, middle and lower back.
  9. It is one of the rare yoga poses that give our body gets a 360-degree stretch.

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