Practice of Yoga can give the right Physical and Mental balance

Practice of Yoga can give the right Physical and Mental balance

The practice of Yoga is not just to work our physical body but also our mind. Yoga is the perfect way to strike the right balance between physical and mental by letting the energy flow.  As one practices yoga on a regular basis one can see and feel the change in our life and we now we have more energy with control over our emotions and our minds more focused.

We live in a world where appearance matters and what is on the outside, get more attention. It is not wrong to make us look good by exercising but it is even more important to have equanimity which is essential to lead a stress free life and yoga will help you still your mind. As you practice the various asanas or poses, yoga teaches us that our focus should always be inward. There are several poses in yoga that send the right amount of energy to a particular part of the body and we can actually feel it. It is possible to notice what different poses can do to different parts of our body. When this happens we are drawn inward and suddenly we find ourselves disconnected from our surroundings. Being disconnected from our surroundings is essential because it will lead you into heightened concentration and slow down the impulses to bring you closer to meditation.

Complete stillness of the mind

Thousands of years ago, the practitioners of yoga understood the relevance and importance of mind over body because the mind is the source of our realism. With practice, it is possible to still our minds and when that happens it gives us the power to limit negative thoughts which is the cause of grief for so many of us. When we achieve to still our minds we can attain a higher level of awareness that allows us to relax deeply and allow our bodies to rejuvenate which will have direct impact on our outward appearance.

A still and balanced mind gives more control over our faculties which gives us the power to make wiser decisions in our lives. Balancing of the mind makes a positive impact on the physical body and when we feel energetic our body release energy. Once the deficiency which we felt is no longer there because now we no longer allow our body to be colonized by anxiety, anger and stress and at the same time we emanate positive energy on to others.

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