Hand gestures in Yoga known as Mudras have deeper meaning

Hand gestures in Yoga known as Mudras have deeper meaning

When we talk there are hand moments and one can decipher many human emotions by observing hand gestures. Simple goodbye can tell the emotional condition of a person or even a firm handshake everything that we do with our hands has meaning and an expression. In yoga there are many hand expressions that are called mudras which simply put is the extension of our emotions. Our body is a energy field filled with stress and the toxicity of modern life and these mudras are nothing but the ability to change our state of mind by making different shapes with your hands needing minimal effort with maximum impact.

These hand moments have profound impact on our body and our mind helping us reach our full potential to concentrate. It has direct impact on our cerebral activity enhances the presence positivity and sincere intention. It has been acknowledged by modern science what was discovered thousands of years ago that shape shifting within our own hands, can help us heal and give us strength to cope with modern life’s painful stresses because the mudras act as mechanism to break us free from our body which we have turned into our prison.

Some of the Mudras practiced by yogis are

Garuda the all powerful ride of Vishnu which sores high in the sky and when people practice this Mudra it elevates them from stress and heals the body and the mind. Garuda mudra increases blood flow and circulation which invigorates you not to mention making impact on your insight.

Beak Hand Mukula helps us gather positive energies into our hands to make a pointer and sends energy to heal places that need it.

Love Multiplier, Anahata Chakra Mudra also means “unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten” increase love and sends more love into your life. It’s about kindness and compassionthe strength to embrace the future.

The beauty of this is it can be done by anyone, regardless of age or physical mobility and that makes this part of yoga unique.

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