About us

The Yoga Cave is a habitat of culture committed to achieving perfection in every aspect of yoga. They take onerous pains on every form- easy or difficult, on getting sterling team of instructors, to arranging superb classes according to the boutique arrangement of the studio space.

Our instructors live lives that can set great examples for the clients. They are full of passion and full of enthusiasm about the art of yoga, and possess really honest desires to popularize the universal well-being within the London community. They also have the most stringent professional credentials. These instructors are proficient in working with traditional classic yoga styles as well as with the new modern techniques of yoga. They are able to cultivate a perfect equilibrium between productive instruction, breathing techniques, mobility of exercise, and mindfulness.

Our courses have been developed to promote an authentic experience, artfully guided by the love of yoga and compassion for our guests, and free of any dogma or rigid belief system as to what yoga should mean to someone